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Your Voice, Our Mission.

Morningside Student Government


Morningside University Student Government seeks to promote ethical leadership and civic responsibility by providing opportunities for self-governance in all matter pertaining to the well being of students within the college community.

— Mission Statement 

Parking Ticket?

We understand parking tickets can be a burden. The Morningside Student Government developed a program allowing your first on-campus parking ticket of the year can be forgiven, provided that you serve a few hours at a non-profit organization. Click below to see if you qualify.

Student Groups

Morningside University is home to over 40 different and unique student organizations on campus. These groups cover a vast array interests, ranging from major specific groups to ones that are just plain fun to be a part of. In the off chance none of them catch your eye, we encourage you to start your own!


The Morningside Activities Council is the organization on campus that is responsible for planning all of the programming and events that you see go on day-to-day. MAC meets every Monday night. Click below to more about you can get involved with this process!

No upcoming events at the moment


“Student government has given me so many great memories during my time at Morningside. It gave me a different perspective and allowed me to meet many people in the wider Student Body. It allowed me to see ideas turn into actionable things that can be done. It was an honor to serve as a Student Senator!”

Isaac Maurice, '23

Former Student Senator

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