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Serve Your Ticket

Morningside Student Government (MSG) has enacted a new program to assist students with on-campus parking. The "Serve Your Ticket" initiative aims to alleviate the stress and financial burden an on-campus parking ticket can cause.


A student who receives an on-campus parking ticket can apply for the Serve Your Ticket initiative. Upon successful application, the MSG will pay for the ticket on the student's behalf — on the condition the student serves two or three volunteers at an approved local non-profit organization. Students must enroll in the program within one week of receiving the ticket, and they may only use it one time per academic year. 


To enroll in this program, fill out this form with details of your on-campus parking ticket. If you meet the eligibility requirements, within 24 hours you will receive an email with a list of approved local non-profit organizations and their contact information. You will also receive a form that must be taken to the organization and filled out by a supervisor at that organization. This form must be turned in within three weeks of the date the ticket was issued. 

  • What's the purpose of this initiative?
    The MSG recognizes that parking is a perennial top concern for students on campus.The MSG also realizes that everyone deserves a second chance and that one bad decision should not put a student in a difficult financial position.
  • How many volunteer hours do I have to serve to have my ticket forgiven?
    $25 = 2 hours $50 = 3 hours $75, $100 = 4 hours $125, $150 = 5 hours
  • Does this initiative cover every parking violation?
    No. This does not cover tickets issued for improperly parking in a handicap stall or for not having a parking pass.
  • Can I serve my volunteer hours at an organization not on the approved list?
    No.The MSG has connections with the approved local non-profit organizations to ensure the volunteer hours can be verified.
  • What if I do not complete my volunteer hours within the three week deadline?
    The three work deadline provides ample time to serve the two or three volunteer hours. However, if a student does not complete their required volunteer hours, they will lose eligibility for the program moving forward and their fine will double.
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